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A world leader in manufacturing observatory domes, dome automation equipment, and remote control devices for astronomers - including RoboFocus.

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RoboFocus has been providing automated telescope focus solutions since 2001

October 2013 - Technical Innovations moved to Orlando, Fl (new address and phone on "Contact Us" page)

March 2012 - Technical Innovations ships RoboFocus System 3,500

June 2010 - Technical Innovations ships the 3,000th RoboFocus System

April 2008 - Technical Innovations ships the 2,000th RoboFocus System

July 2007 - With the shipment of 5 Systems to the French research station in Antarctica, RoboFocus is now in use in over 60 countries and all 7 continents.   

May 2006 - Technical Innovations ships the 1,500th RoboFocus System.

October 2005 - With the system sent to H.L. in Luxembourg, RoboFocus is now being used by astronomers in 35 countries around the world.

August 2005 - Introducing the RF3 Custom Mounting Bracket line. Sturdy, custom designed brackets (in black powder coat finish), for: Astro-Physics and Takahashi R&P focusers, JMI DX1-2, Feathertouch SCT focuser, and 8" LX200GPS

August 2005 - The warranty on RoboFocus systems and accessories has been extended to one full year. We will repair or replace any non-functioning item at no cost during this period. Warranty includes motor, control unit, cables, adapters and accessories. Of course, warranty is void if modifications have been made or failure is due to obvious mistreatment.

RoboFocus System Highlights (more details inside web site):

  • Focus to less than 0.001 inch
  • Automatic Backlash Compensation
  • Vibration free operation
  • Remote control via computer
  • Seamless interface with other focus routines (CCDSoft, MaxinDL, FocusMax, etc)
  • Open source software
  • Installs on Windows based systems, including XP and XP Home
  • Digital readout on PC screen
  • Precise repeatability
  • Full manual operation
  • Fits nearly all focusers
  • New line of custom mounting brackets
  • Optional 4-outlet power box, which can be controlled remotely
  • One full year warranty

Telescope/Focuser Installation Notes:

  • Direct attachment to focus shaft via coupler with clutch mechanism
  • SCT type install with timing sprockets and belt
  • Several manufacturers building RoboFocus motor on/into focuser
  • Wide angle camera lens focus
  • We provide support for custom installations

Suggestions and Comments:

  • Adapt RoboFocus to a second scope with an "Additional Motor Kit"
  • Modify scope storage cases to allow motor to remain mounted
  • Check online user groups (e.g. "SBIG" on Yahoo Groups) for tips
  • Email ideas and requests, ( we adapted RoboFocus to a research microscope)
  • Contribute pictures and ideas to expand our "installs" page(s)

Misc. Notes:

  • Nearly all systems and accessories in stock, ready to ship
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal accepted
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Phone and email support available at no charge
  • Optional accessories available
    • Palm pad hand control on 12 foot cable
    • Serial pass-through devices (LX200, Gemini, AP GoTo)
    • USB to serial adapter
    • Remote power module
    • Custom cable lengths


 Software, Papers and Documents
RoboFocus Software - Latest software can be downloaded at

Papers and technical documents have been created for/about RoboFocus. Below are downloads and links to some of these. Please refer items that could possibly be included in this section to assist other astronomers in deciding to purchase, setting up and maximizing use/value of the RoboFocus System.

RoboFocus 3.1 Manual - A complete RoboFocus installation and operation manual can be downloaded here(pdf file)  

Autofocus - We did extensive testing of @focus and HFR Focus in 2001, both with actual and artificial stars, then wrote up the results in a paper (pdf file) that you can download and print.

SCT Primary vs 3rd Party Secondary Focusers - We also evaluated the quality of focusing an LX200 using RoboFocus, (with HFR Focus), on the scopes focus knob and then on a separate JMI NGF-S Crayford style focuser. The results, (written up in a paper that can be downloaded an printed), showd that RoboFocus on the focus knob performed as well as on the NGF-S. This paper (pdf file) also discusses backlash measurements on the LX200.