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A world leader in manufacturing observatory domes, dome automation equipment, and remote control devices for astronomers - including RoboFocus.

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RF3 Systems

Choose from our selection of RoboFocus products.
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Product Name: Additional Motor Kit
Part#: RFAM1
Price (US$): 140.00
Product Description: You can elect to use your RoboFocus system on a second telescope by purchasing and installing an additional motor. The Additional Motor Kit comes with a stepper motor and mounting  hardware, (brackets, shaft coupler, and/or timing sprockets and belts).

You must specify telescope/focuser that the system will be installed on. In some cases we may need to contact you for further information

Product Name: Mandel Setup - Full RF3 System
Part#: RF3M
Price (US$): 495.00
Product Description: The Mandel Adapter allows the attachment of a 35mm or digital SLR camera directly to the telescope focuser providing a "wide angle" imaging option. RoboFocus provide that ability to attain controlled focus through the camera lens. The "Mandel" additional motor kit includes a motor with timing sprocket, a 19" timing belt to attach around lens, and a set of mounting brackets.

The Mandel setup can also be specified as the RF3 Type when ordering a complete RoboFocus System

Product Name: RF3 Controller
Part#: RFC
Price (US$): 330.00
Product Description: The RoboFocus control module can be purchased separately as a backup unit or to combine with an additional motor kit that was previously obtained.