Technical Innovations RoboFocus

A world leader in manufacturing observatory domes, dome automation equipment, and remote control devices for astronomers - including RoboFocus.

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RF3 Accessories

All accessories designed to work with, and complement, the RoboFocus Systems.
Call Technical Innovations at 407-601-1975 to place orders.

Product Name: Remote Power Module
Part#: RFRP
Price (US$): 150.00
Product Description: The Remote Power Module is a convenient way for the user to control remotely up to four 120vAC (or 240vAC or 12vDC), outlets through the RoboFocus control program on the PC. Outlets can be connected to observatory accessories such as CCD cameras, heaters, dew zappers, video cameras, etc. Each outlet has its own pilot light. Removing source power to the module will reset all outlets to "OFF", while disconnecting from the control program software leaves each in its current state.

For our UK customers, we can now have a BS1363 version complete with plugs and sockets defined by that standard. There is an additional charge of $50 for this unit.

Product Name: Hand Paddle
Part#: RFHP
Price (US$): 30.00
Product Description: The RF3 Hand Paddle allows manual focusing via a small hand controller on a 12 foot cable. The "in/out" buttons move the stepper motor to achieve visual focus. These buttons are duplicates of the ones on the RoboFocus controller box.

Product Name: USB to Serial Adapter
Part#: RFUSB
Price (US$): 23.00
Product Description: Small single USB to serial adapter allows connection of RoboFocus control module to a PC USB port. Recognized as "plug-n-play" by Windows XP, adapter is auto-configured and assign COM port designation.