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A world leader in manufacturing observatory domes, dome automation equipment, and remote control devices for astronomers - including RoboFocus.

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Below is a collection of just a few of the unsoliciated customer comments sent us.

 G.F., North Carolina
"It's been awhile since I was asking all the dumb questions about whether RoboFocus would fit on my LX200. Since then I bought the RF and configured with FocusMax and Maxim DL/CCD.

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product. Time and time again I have used the RF absolute mode to return to stored focus positions for various optical configurations. It, together with FocusMax, do a simply superb job of focus, for my CCD imaging, as I work my way up from being a newbie to finally to have some inkling of what I an doing.

Thanks for a great product and great support".


 P.L., California
"Just wanted to let you know that I finally got a chance to test the unit last night under cloudless skies. The smooth focuser action and repeatability is nothing short of amazing. CCDSoft's @focus routine worked perfectly with the RoboFocus, and the precision and ease at which I am able to focus quickly and efficiently is incredible.

One very happy customer!"

 C.G., Washington
"I just have to say: your RoboFocus BLOWS AWAY my JMI focuser. I CANNOT do fine focusing with my JMI focuser if my scope has a heavy load. The RoboFocus handles this without a problem! Overall, I am very happy with the product."

 J.S., Kansas
"The RoboFocus hardware is working beautifully and I have never been able to get such sharp focus."

 J.L., England
"The RoboFocus is working without a hitch in conjunction with CCDSoft and MaximDL/CCD. An excellant product."

 J.T., Ontario Canada
"I really like using the RoboFocus program while Maxin or CCDops is on. The Software is a breeze to use and shows all the positional data and even historical data you'll need. The unit is easy to train in either direction or zeroing out the maximum in or out of the scope focuser. There are even audible beeps for certain menu actions, confirming to your other senses that something took place as was planned (good in the dark).

The focuser can operate off either the controller (at your scope) and/or the computer near your scope or in the house. The RoboFocus remembers your settings. You can switch scopes but you'll have to spend about a minute re-training it.

I think this is going to really make focusing a breeze and will get me that much closer to a fully robotic observatory

More testimonial quotes coming soon.