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RoboFocus is a remote focus driver that installs on your telescope’s existing focus mechanism. RoboFocus provides digital control and feedback of the focus position using a stepping motor controlled by a microprocessor. The user sends commands from his computer to the RoboFocus to move the focus and receives back digital position information. The user has full control over the settings and calibration of the RoboFocus. After training, RoboFocus can even automatically adjust for the effects of temperature on the telescope. The user can also set the stepsize, backlash, and other characteristics of the operation. The optional hand control is available. RoboFocus requires an RS232 serial connection but works well with all USB to serial adapters and hubs.

The RoboFocus controller remembers its position even if the power is turned off/on.  The RoboFocus includes backlash compensation that enables many inexpensive focusers to give a premium performance.  The RoboFocus controller operates from a 12VDC 1A power supply (included) and has pushbuttons for manual operations and for training the unit.


Automate Your Focuser with ROBOFOCUS™

  • Digital Readout on PC Screen
  • Remote Control via computer
  • Automatic Backlash correction
  • Fits your R&P or S-C (LX200) focuser
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Full Manual Operation or use with autofocusing software from other vendors
  • Focus to less than 0.001 inch
  • Remote control four power outlets (optional)


RoboFocus’s alternative stepping motors and mounting brackets

Rack & Pinion

  • RoboFocus may be used on any rack and pinion, Crayford, zero shift focuser, or similar eyepiece holder that has an accessible shaft (1/4inch dia. typical).
  • The RoboFocus stepping motor drives the R&P shaft via a special coupling (supplied)


  • RoboFocus may be used on the LX200 or similar S-C scopes. 
  • These scopes have a large knob in the base plate that has approximately 40 turns. 
  • The RoboFocus stepping motor drives the focus knob using a cog (toothed) belt.


  • We can work with the customer to develop a suitable bracket to attach our motor to almost any focuser or similar device


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